Important Circular And Data
Letter No.
7. 19-Mar-2014 "Work Budget Estimate For Yr 2014-15" 519/2005-00418/14
6. 20-Jan-2014 Payroll Manual 52/EDPCell/Data Mana./09
5. 25-Nov-2013 Allocation of Personnal Code & Computerization of Transfer/Posting 52/EDPCell/Data Mana./09
4. 21-Sep-2013 Allocation of Personnal Code 43/EDPCell/Data Mana./08
3. 16-Jul-2013 Promotion/Communication of Jal Nigam Projects 102/Camp/003-0031/13
2. 11-Sep-2013 Computerization of PIS System 42/EDPCell/Data Mana./07
1. 15-Mar-2013 Guideliness for Finanacial & Store Management Sysem 10/EDPCell/Data Mana./02
Component Cost Master
Bank Opening Balance Master
Project Master
Store Master
SCP Master
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